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Bertch - Finishes

All cabinets are hand sanded prior to staining. A penetrating grain stain is then applied and hand-wiped. The sealer coat, which is a catalyzed conversion coating, is sprayed and cured. This sealer is a blending of alkyd, amino and vinyl resins, which contributes to the overall durability of the system by penetrating the grain of the wood and providing a "link" coat between the stain and the topcoat.

The sealer is then sanded and prepared for the topcoat application. The final coating is a catalyzed, conversion varnish which is a carefully formulated combination of alkyd and amino resins. After spray application the film is cured and cross links to form a superior thermoset coating that possesses exceptional stain, moisture and chemical resistance, while retaining its clarity.

Birch Stains

Hickory Stains

Rustic Hickory Stains

Maple Stains

Oak Stains