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The Process

Phase I

We will match you with one of our experienced designers based on your needs and personal style. Next, you will be invited to come in to our showroom so we can access your individual needs (style, motif, budget, likes/dislikes, time –frame, accessories, materials, etc). This is a very important stage in the process because it allows both parties to become acclimated with one another. While in the showroom your personal designers will go over the different lines, styles, and species we offer. This phase sets the ground work for all others to follow.

Phase II

Following Phase I, this is our in home assessment phase. This phase will take place at the home owner’s residence. The designer will measure your space and transpose them into a digital design including 3D renderings, providing the homeowner with the ability to conceptualize their choices. During this phase the designer will also go over all the room choices from flooring to paint and counter choices and appliances. The homeowner is never without opinion and guidance from their personal designer.

Phase III

During this phase the designer will create personal digital designs and 3D renderings. These designs will showcase all the prior phase decisions, including cabinetry choices, countertops, paint, flooring, lighting, and seating. At this point the designer will produce the initial designs to the client without charge. The client will have the choice to move forward with their project or not. Moving forward will require a $250.00 retainer, refunded towards their purchase. Next, the designer will go over different options with their client and refine the design to best fit the client’s wants and needs.

Phase IV

This is the final phase of the project. All designs will be accepted by the homeowner and processed for order. Depending on the choices made and customization chosen, it may take up to 8 weeks for their customized design to arrive. No two designs are alike and each order is made to order specifically for that client. Once the order has arrived, our designer will contact the homeowner and contractor to confirm the delivery. Your designer will be with you all the way up to the project finish, assuring your project is completed as discussed.